What to Expect
We are excited that you are considering a visit to Trinity. We look forward to meeting you soon! We strive to provide ways for people to learn to follow Jesus and connect with others in authentic community. Finding a new church home can be unnerving so we've answered some commonly asked questions below:
Who goes to Trinity?
You will find a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds at Trinity. Some have been in church a long time, others are new believers, and some are simply asking questions about Jesus and what is means to be a Christian.
What if I’m not used to going to church?
You are the reason we exist as a church. Trinity is a safe and comfortable place to ask questions about Jesus. This is a place to learn and practice what the Bible teaches.
What are Trinity worship services like?
Worship at Trinity is relaxed and simple. When you arrive you will be given a church bulletin that has the order of service, readings, and page numbers listed. In the seats there are two books, a Bible and a hymnal. Both are used during the service. Our worship includes:
1. Prayer
During worship, our Pastor leads the times of prayer and we pray directly to God. If you have a prayer request, you can give it to him before the service begins.
2. Singing
Our worship leaders attempt to balance new praise songs with the great hymns of our faith. During worship our praise team may lead us in a few songs or our organist will play hymns. Even if we don't all have great voices, we are all making a joyful noise to the Lord.
3. Teaching
Every week our Pastor teaches straight from the Bible in a challenging and practical way. Some people bring their Bibles with them and others use the Bibles provided. Others prefer a Bible app on their electronic device.
4. Giving
Please feel no obligation to give anything financially when you are our guest. Offering plates are passed following the message so that members and regular attendees can share the cost of ministries of our church.
What should I wear?
You’re welcome to wear whatever you like. There is no dress code. In fact sometimes our Pastor wears jeans.
What about my kids?
Trinity is family friendly. We believe children are a blessing from God. In fact, our children collect a “Noisy Bucket” offering to help defray the costs of their programs during our worship service. Then, they go to Trinity Kids where they receive age-appropriate teaching in a clean and safe environment. 
How can I connect with others?
Pastor Dave hosts new member inquiry classes regularly. This is a time you can get to know him and learn more about Trinity and its values. He can help you get involved in a Community Group. In addition, you are welcome to attend the Soul Searchers class on Sunday morning or get involved in one of Trinity Presbyterian Women’s circles.
Can I invite my friends?
We would love for you to bring your friends. We seek to be a welcoming place for people who are curious about Jesus or who are looking for a church home in a community of believers.